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Unlock your business’s potential with customized growth marketing strategies that deliver real results. We partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners, guiding them to not just meet but exceed their growth targets.

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We Take Your Business from Background to Spotlight

Being your industry’s best-kept secret won’t grow your business. Let’s put your brand in the spotlight where it belongs. Through a mix of innovative and proven strategies, we elevate your brand from the background to the main stage.

Collect More Leads

Kickstart your business's growth by attracting a steady flow of interested leads. We guide you on creating compelling marketing materials that converts curiosity into leads.

Increase Your Sales

Transform leads into revenue with tailored strategies to draw your customers in and get them to buy. We'll guide you on building a sales funnel that efficiently drives sales for your business.

Get Noticed

Cut through the noise and make your mark online. We'll show you how to optimize your digital presence, ensuring you get noticed by those who matter most to your business.

Grow Your Business

We provide expert advice on how to consistently communicate your brand’s message, build customer loyalty, and position your business as a leader in your industry.

Meet the founder


Vaughndre Henry

Vaughndre doesn’t just strategize; he revolutionizes how small businesses approach marketing. Drawing from a well of multi-million dollar campaign successes, he crafts bespoke strategies that drive significant growth across various industries.

the results speak for themselves

With years of experience managing large scale advertising campaigns, we help our clients craft actionable strategies to drive measurable growth.


Revenue Generated

Since we opened our doors just 5 years ago, we've sold more than $40m in products, services, software, and more for our clients across the globe.


Leads Generated

Our marketing campaigns have captured the interest and contact information of over 30,000 potential customers for our clients.


Client Retention

Once we partner with a business, they stick around. Our 93% client retention rate speaks to the lasting value and service we provide, ensuring continuous growth and success.

Case studies

Here's just a sneak peek of the kind of results our clients are seeing right now.

This Client Added $949,835 in SMS Marketing Revenue Over The Last 365 Days.

We took over this client's SMS marketing in early 2023, and over the last year the client has made almost $1m in Shopify sales from their SMS marketing campaigns.

Data Source: Postscript

We DOUBLED This Client's Email Marketing Sales in 2023

This client was referred to us by another longtime client, and in our first full year managing the client's Klaviyo email account, we more than DOUBLED their email revenue - adding $993,000 in sales in 2023.

Data Source: Klaviyo

We Generated a 11.53 ROAS On This Client's Ad Spend

This client came to us with big ambitions to scale their paid advertising and direct-to-consumer side to their business. We scaled their ad spend by more than 4700% year-over-year and brought home an 11.53 ROAS.

Data Source: Triple Whale + Google Looker Studio

Hear It From Our Clients

Don't just take our word from it, here's what real Syren Digital clients think about working with us on their digital marketing efforts.

“An amazing service”

“I enjoy working with Vaughndre and trust his judgment and ideas. I have been teaching for over 20 years and focusing on digital marketing for the last seven years, and of all the students I have taught, Vaughndre would be the first person I would call to see if he was available if I were starting a business in this space."

Dr. Rich Hanna
Professor of Practice at Babson College

“An amazing service”

“Vaughndre was our first agency partner, so in that way, we’ve been spoiled. He has incredible marketing and digital advertising capabilities…they’re head and shoulders above anyone else. But also, his ability to work with us, talk with us, teach us, and just be a great human being set him above other marketers that we spoke to & considered working with. He’s been fabulous the entire way, and working with him has been a consistent high point these last few months. I’m sleeping a lot more soundly at night knowing Vaughndre is in our court.”

Mike Carlson
Head of Marketing at ANCORE Training

“An amazing service”

“I've worked with Vaughndre for a few years on ongoing projects and special product launches. Vaughndre has been an invaluable asset...his communication is great, he comes up with his own ideas, and he thinks outside the box. If you're considering working with him, I would highly recommend his work, and I know he'll do great work for you as well.”

David de las Morenas
YouTuber with over 1.6m Subscribers
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Enjoy the benefits of continuous partnership with our team. From implementing your strategy to adjusting tactics based on market response, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring sustained growth and success.

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